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The activity tab shows a log of the Git events that have been recieved by Code Stream. You can see details of the Git commit details, repository and messages, as well the Pipeline that has been executed in response and it’s status. you can also click directly through to the execution of the Pipeline.

Git Trigger Activity
Git Trigger Activity

Webhook Configuration

When creating a new Webhook for Git, the following options are available:

  • Project - webooks are assigned to a Project to provide scope of access
  • Name - a name to identify the Webhook configuration
  • Description - description of the Webhook configuration
  • Endpoint - the Git Endpoint on which to configure the Webhook
  • Branch - the Git Branch on which the webhook should be configured
  • Secret token - a secret token that will be used to identify the webhook is valid
  • File - configure PLAIN or REGEX file filters
    • Inclusions - include any files that match a PLAIN search string or REGEX
    • Exclusions - exclude any files that match a PLAIN search string or REGEX
    • Prioritise Exclusion - if enabled, files that match both the include and exclude filters will be excluded
  • Trigger - configuration of the webhook on the Git endpoint
    • For Git - Trigger the webhook when a Push is made to the repository branch, or when a Pull Request is made against the branch
    • API token - a vRealize Automation API token that has permissions to execute the Pipeline configured in the trigger
    • SSL verification - if enabled, will enable SSL verification for the webhook (the repository must trust the vrealize automation ssl certificate)
    • Pipeline - the Code Stream Pipeline to execute
    • Execution trigger delay - time to wait from recieving the event until executing the pipeline
When you click create, vRealize Automation will connect to the Git Endpoint using the credentials configured in that endpoint. It will automatically configure a new webhook on the repository, using the settings specified, and will use the API token to authenticate webhooks back to vRealize Automation. The API token is stored as a Repository secret.
Git Trigger Configuration
Git Trigger Configuration
Git Trigger Configuration
Git Trigger Configuration
Last updated on 26 Apr 2022
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