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VMware vRealize Automation

User Operation

User Operations provide a way to include approvals within a Pipeline Execution. The User Operations dashboard provides a view of all Active and Inactive user operations.

  • Approvers - email addresses of users who can approve or reject the task. You can use the ${requestBy} variable to access the requesting user’s ID
  • Approver Groups - (Currently vRA Cloud) email addresses of groups who can approve or reject the task
  • Summary - summary of the approval, used for the subject of the email sent if configured
  • Description - description of the approval task, the body of the email sent if configured
  • Exires after - the time after which the approval task will expire and the pipeline execution will be cancelled
  • Send Email - if enabled, the Email server option can be configured to send the email
  • Cancel pending tasks - if enabled, this will cancel any outstanding previous approvals for this pipeline
  • Email server - the Email Endpoint used to send email notifications
User Operations
User Operations

Output Parameters

  • status
  • responderRoles
  • respondedByEmail
  • comments
  • respondedBy
  • index
  • respondedOnInMicros
Last updated on 26 Apr 2022
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