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VMware vRealize Automation


The PowerShell task allows you to execute PowerShell scripts on a remote PowerShell server using PSRemoting.

  • Host - FQDN or IP address of the PowerShell host
  • Username - username to access the PowerShell host
  • Password - password to access the PowerShell host
  • Use TLS - enable to connect over TLS
  • Trust self signed certificates - enable to trust self-signed certificates over TLS
  • Script - the PowerShell script to execute
  • Arguments - arguments to the PowerShell script
  • Working Directory - directory in which to execute the script
Configure the PowerShell task
Configure the PowerShell task

Output Parameters

  • status
  • userFolder
  • response
  • responseFilePath
  • errorMessage
  • logFilePath
  • exitCode
  • scriptExecutionId
  • completed
  • error
  • logs
Last updated on 17 Mar 2021
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