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Learn Code Stream

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Welcome to Learn Code Stream! This site is designed as a living technical reference focussed on providing in-depth information for the Code Stream developer - whether you’re new to Code Stream or an experienced developer.

The Getting Started section will provide some basic tutorials to help you on your way to learning Code Stream. The rest of the navigation reflects the navigation in Code Stream itself to provide an easy reference.

Learn Code Stream is written primarily by the Technical Marketing team for vRealize Automation, but we’d love for you to contribute! There’s an “Edit on GitHub” link on each page that will take you to the source code for that content - feel free to clone the repository and write your own - we look forward to your Pull Requests!

What is Code Stream?

Code Stream is a continuous integration and delivery (ci/cd) release pipeline tool provided as part of VMware vRealize Automation (either as SaaS through VMware Cloud Services or an on-premises deployment) that allows developers to model and automate the entire release process. It incorporates a release Dashboard to keep track of all the various release KPIs and acts as the glue between all existing DevOps tools in the release process.

Code Stream has native integrations with a range of Endpoints and can help teams to deliver software and code changes faster, more reliably and with higher quality while reducing manual operations and operational risk traditionally associated with releases. Code Stream can also be extended using the Custom Integrations feature to interact with almost any 3rd party system that has an API or CLI.

If you want to find out more about vRealize Automation you can visit the official product site , view product features , or take a closer look at Code Stream . You can alse explore vRealize Automation Cloud with a free 45-day trial .

Code Stream Overview
Code Stream Overview
vRealize Automation Cloud has a monthly release cycle, meaning that newer features and enhancements will be available before they are rolled up into vRealize Automation 8.x on-premesis releases. Most screenshots in this guide are from vRealize Automation 8.3 - if a feature is only in vRealize Automation Cloud it will be noted.
Last updated on 26 Apr 2022
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